About Daihatsu engine and parts Service


MTU Diesel Engine and Spare Parts IMP. & EXP. Co., Ltd. is an internationally renowned power supply equipment, supporting solutions to solve, repair integrated services company.Is also a trusted and experienced diesel engine and auxiliary machinery parts suppliers.

We rely on the European, Asian and American parts manufacturing partners to provide customers with the original factory and the original standard of pure products.

Our product quality assurance is that we adopt the supply of MTU, MAN B&W, YANMAR, DAIHATSU, CATPILLAR, WARTSILA and other international brands of supporting factories or license factory products.

Japanese engine brand:










Main parts:

All moving parts, wearing parts, castings, forgings, electrical components, control systems and parts, supercharger, fasteners, high-strength bolts, commonly used tools, special tools, auxiliary machinery parts, non-standard parts, etc..


Japanese product service advantage:

We have a complete ship and engine files can be retrieved according to the ship and engine information to ensure the accuracy of the parts files.

Japanese and Chinese factory localization procurement model to avoid regional price barriers, thereby reducing the cost of customer equipment.

European components use direct purchasing mode to avoid intermediate links.

With the factory to adopt a fixed annual procurement and bulk procurement model to obtain greater price advantage, further reduce costs.

With the original factory authorized by the manufacturer of the more than and 100 supporting production plant to provide direct purchase of genuine parts, in the original quality of the plant on the basis of a substantial reduction in cost.

Combined with their own partners and warehousing and logistics resources to achieve more efficient, lower cost, shorter distance logistics services.

According to the needs of users can provide Europe, the Americas high-quality customized parts products.


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