Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor
Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor
Model NO.: 3412E
Material: Mixture
OE: 265-9033
Transport Package: Neutral
Brand: Dl
Description: Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor
Specification: Standard
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Hand in “0” are not allowed to adjust. If “0” is not allowed, the “0 – position correction tooth fan” can be dialed to adjust. Because one end ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor the metal plate is fixed on the tooth fan, and the tooth fan is moved, then the metal plate is also moved. Therefore, the tooth fan is moved to the left (from the back ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor the table), and the pointer is driven by the metal sheet to deflect the “full” scale. Conversely, dial to the right, then the pointer is deflected to the “0” scale. The deflection angle and does not match the current regulations and adjustment are not allowed in the “5” position, a “deflection angle gear” to adjust. Because the pointer is a deflection ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor the axle center with the support ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor a spring piece, its tension will directly affect the bending degree ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor the metal sheet. Therefore, when the tooth fan is moved to the left (from behind), the tension ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor the spring plate is weakened, and the metal plate will push the pointer to increase the angle ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor the skew. On the other hand, the tension is increased to the right, and the angle ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor the skew ,Caterpillar 3412e Speed Sensor the pointer is reduced.

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