Stock STX 7L23/30 FUEL OIL LEAKAGE ALARM|STX 7L23/30 Local agent for accessories

MAN B&W L 23/30 31605-01H-01 CABLE UNION
MAN B&W L 23/30 31605-01H-02 PLUG SCREW
MAN B&W L 23/30 31605-01H-03 GASKET
MAN B&W L 23/30 31605-01H-04 LEVER SWITCH
MAN B&W L 23/30 31605-01H-05 PLUG SCREW
MAN B&W L 23/30 31605-01H-06 GASKET

STX 7L23/30 Crankcase cover,Pre oil supply pump,Cylinder head safety valve,STX 7L23/30 Morkte G-N,STX 7L23/30 Honduras
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