Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet ,Material: Metal

Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet
Model NO.: TCD2013-4V
Certification: ISO
Material: Metal
Description: Deutz Roller Tappet
Specification: Standard
Cylinder Number: 6
Color: Silver
OE: 04909191
Transport Package: Neutral
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Under the action ,Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet oil pressure, diesel engine can continuously supply the friction surfaces ,Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet all parts, and play a role ,Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet lubrication, cooling, cleaning, sealing and rust protection for diesel engines. However, the higher the oil pressure is, the better the oil pressure will be. It will increase the working load ,Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet the oil pump and the wear ,Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet the accelerator oil pump, and at the same time, it will also have a great influence on the quality ,Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet the oil and the sealing performance ,Deutz TCD 2013 Roller Tappet the whole vehicle. At the same time oil pressure can not be too low, too low easy to cause parts excessive wear and tear and damage, even burning, bearing shaft and other serious accidents. How to determine whether the oil pressure is normal or not, we can only use the oil pressure gauge on the dashboard to see if the oil pressure is normal in our daily work.

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